Taxis in the Keys

April 21, 2017
Unless you are in Key West, you likely won't be able to stand on the side of the road and wave for a taxi. However, there are taxi companies along The Keys that you can call if you need a lift:
DUI enforcement in The Keys is very stringent, likely greater than where you are from. After all, there is only one major road! Making a plan for a cab or designating a driver for the night is a good way to stay safe and out of trouble.
Key Largo
Key Largo Cab
305 451 9700
Mom's Taxi
305 852 7999
Islamorada Taxi
305 664 4100
Action Taxi
305 743 0077
On Time Taxi
305 289 5656
Friendly Cab Co
305 289 5454
 Lower Keys
Big Pine Taxi
305 872 2662
Sugarloaf Key Taxi Co
305 745 2319
Key West
Key West is a small town, and you aren't likely to need a taxi as most of the time you can walk. In the unlikely event you need a taxi, however, there are several reputable taxi services in the area. The rate is regulated by the city, so the company you choose won't matter too much. If you have a bike or wheelchair, Five 6's Pink tax is has bike racks on their SUVs and Para Transit Cabs. Five 6's and Key West Cab both have a range to Miami, while Friendly will only go to Big Coppitt Key. The meter price is $2.75 for the first 1/5 mile, and an additional $0.60 per 1/5 mile after that.
Five 6’s Taxi (the Pink Cabs)
305 296 6666
Friendly Cab (the Yellow Cabs)
305 292 0000
Key West Cab
305 293 6860
If you are looking for an alternate to walking or taking a cab, there are many pedicabs throughout Old Town. These charge $1.50 per minute, and you might get a driver who
doesn’t know the way, which could mean a $30 bill. It is recommended that you negotiate a price before you get into the pedicab to avoid this.
Perfect Pedicab
305 872 2662
Key Largo Cabs
305 451 3261
Mom’s Taxi Tavernier
305 852 4385


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