Beautiful Parks

May 19, 2017
There are many beautiful parks throughout The Keys. Most are water-based, and some even have underwater parts like John Pennekamp State Park. Many offer great fishing, snorkeling, and beautiful scenery in addition to the amenities like charcoal grills you would expect at a State Park.

Music and News

May 05, 2017
The Keys have a relatively small full time population of just under 75,000 people. Therefore The Keys do not present an attractive market for media companies. Sure, with almost 4 million annual visitors the numbers appear larger, but who really reads the local newspaper and listens to the local radio on vacation?

Now that is a lot of fish

April 27, 2017
The Florida Keys easily boasts that it is the king of salt water fishing. More salt water records have been set in The Keys than any other destination in the world, by a wide margin.

Taxis in the Keys

April 21, 2017
DUI enforcement in The Keys is very stringent, likely greater than where you are from. After all, there is only one major road! Making a plan for a cab or designating a driver for the night is a good way to stay safe and out of trouble.

Pet Care in The Keys

April 14, 2017
Everyone in The Keys loves pets, but sometimes our furry friends get sick or hurt; luckily there are veterinary hospitals throughout The Keys.

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